Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bamboletta Giveaways!

I can't even begin to express my gratitude for the generous spirit that Christina and her team embrace!  They devote so much of their time to crafting these amazing companions, and still find time to fulfill so many of our requests.  Inevitably, each week during sales, it seems that some dolls get lost in limbo during purchase.  These dolls are offered up as "Serendipity Dolls" that weekend!  Serendipity Dolls are available for purchase by those who comment on that post, and the new family is chosen by a random number generator.
(November's blog and Serendipity posts here:

This week, in honor of the holidays, Christina has decided to hold back one of these Serendipity Dolls to give away for FREE!  That's right, shipping is included!  And Kate is such a lovely little doll, too!  Read all about her and enter your comment here:

This year will also be Christina's 2nd Annual - 12 Days of Christmas Giving!  Head over and keep checking back often, because each day's offerings could be anything from clothes to dolls!  I don't know about you, but I'm excited!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bamboletta Golden Ticket

It's tempting to be selfish with this, but it's so wonderful I have to share with you!  These Bamboletta dolls are so wonderful!
I've mentioned on FB that I never got the American Girl doll I longed for as a child, so maybe this has something to do with my decision to go after a Bamboletta.  They're hand crafted (check), natural fibers (check) and too precious for words! (double check!)  No plastic, no chemicals, and no buttons except on the clothes!!!  And best of all, they're NOT "Made in China"!!!!!  They're made in Canada.  Close enough!  :D
Stacked against me is my husband's anti-doll attitude.  So frustrating!  He'd rather she play with action figures!  So, at nearly 15 months, she doesn't have a single doll!  And he's taken a dislike to their hand-stitched expressions, saying they are a sneer not a smile.  I'm about ready to pull my hair out!   And then I was reminded...this doll is for Taelyn, not for him!  Yay!   Justification enough!  LOL
So I'm making it my mission to give Taelyn a Bamboletta for Christmas.  I call it a mission because they only release a limited number per week.  Remember, these are handcrafted by a group of 18 women.  Women who are crafty SAHMs like myself.  Though they are employed to make's a kid-friendly environment, so the workshop is their second home!  So supply is limited.  I'm talking, sold-out-within-minutes-of-releasing for-sale limited.  And the Little Buddy, which is 10" tall, is my target.  For just over $100, I feel this is an appropriate gift for her.  The 15" dolls start at $200, and pricing will be determined by material type used in hair and clothing.  They also do custom dolls, though they're not taking custom orders at this time.  Hoping for that Golden Ticket...
What is this Golden Ticket, you ask?  Well here is the link!  This is such a wonderful opportunity!

Thank you so much, Christina and the Bamboletta family!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Blog

So, this is my first blog.  I'm a total blog noob.  I'm about ready to get down on my knees and beg for help...or better yet, have someone else design this for me!  I'd rather be crocheting!  LOL

Please feel free to post any (constructive) helpful comments and encouragement!  :D